Model CR2A-572
Path Control PTP, CP
No. of control axes / axis concurrent control of up to 6 axes
Main functions

Indirect interpolation, direct interpolation, 3-dimensional radii interpolation, palletizing, condition branching, subroutines, multi-tasking, optimum adjustable speed control, optimum override control, optimum route connection, XYZ compliance, TORQ command, etc.

Programming language


Position teaching method Direct and remote teaching, and MDI method

Memory capacity

Teaching position Points/prg 2,500
No. of steps Steps/prg 5,000
No. of programs Program 88
External input General Purpose I/O Points 32/32 (max. when using options: 256/256)
Dedicated I/O Points Allocated by general output (1"STOP" point is fixed)
Hand opening/closing Points 6/0 (when using options: 6/6)
Emergency stop input Points 1
Door switch input Points 1
Emergency stop output Points 1
Interface RS232C Ports 1 (for PC, vision sensor, etc. connection)
RS422 Ports 1 (for teaching box only)
Exclusive hand slot Slots 1 (for electric hand and pneumatic hand interfaces only)
Extension slot Slots 3
Robot I/O link Channels 1 (for connecting parallel I/O unit)
Temperature ºC 0~40
Humidity %RH 45~85
Power supply Input voltage limit V

180~253VAC, 1 phase

(207~253VAC, 3 phase at CE)

Power capacity kVA 3.5
Ground W less than 100 (D-type ground)
Structure   Self supported floor type, open structure
Outside Dimensions mm 436(W)x400(D)x210(H)
Weight kg

Approx. 19

Protective Structure  

IP20 (IP54: when using CR2A protection box)

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