General Specifications: 3 kg Payload, 642 mm Reach, 5500 mm/sec Speed, +/- 0.020 mm Repeatability

The Mitsubishi RV-3S robot assembly includes: robot arm, controller, manuals, power/signal cables,

This is a compact, high-precision robot featuring high accuracy and open network capability.

Fastest in Small Robot Class – The device’s tact time can be greatly reduced with maximum composite speed of 5.5m/sec.

Diverse lineup configuration – The 3kg payload robot has been newly added to the S Series to enhance the Mitsubishi Electric vertical robot lineup.  Standard models can be suspended from the ceiling.  Wall-hanging installation is possible with works shipping special specifications.   *The J1 axis movement range is limited with the wall hanging type.

Compliance with environmental protection – All axes (arm section, body section) comply with IP65 with the standard specifications.  Clean room specifications are available with works shipping special specifications.

Improved position repeatability – Position repeatability of ±0.02mm is realized.  (Conventional model: ±0.04mm.)

Arm shape designed to accommodate peripheral devices – The degree of layout freedom in the device has been improved by reducing the elbow arm protrusion, and reducing the steering axis interference range.  This new series realizes a compact device and helps to save space.

Additional maintenance functions – The maintenance period is announced beforehand by the maintenance forecast function and position restoration function, allowing timely maintenance and a reduction of total maintenance costs.

Increased number of hand input-output points: 8/8 points – Hand output interface (when option card is mounted) Conventional RV-2A: 4/4 points.  The tact time can be improved by increasing the number of secondary air pipes and enhancing the response.

New functions – Through the significant points function allows a freer peripheral layout.  The significant point eliminates the need to halt work, and allows teaching work to be completed easily.  Teaching, step operation and automatic operation can be handled in the same manner, thereby improving workability.

Compatible with RV-2A/3AJ - [Compatible installation and end effector shape].  The conventional model can easily be changed to this new series.  The device’s performance can also be improved by replacing the models.

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