Robot Control Software

ORCA NT software is exclusively designed for controlling the motions of the ORCA robotic arm. A comprehensive GUI (Graphical User Interface) provides a productive environment for developing robot applications.

Robotic motions are created with ORCA® NT

Robotic motions are created with easy-to-use ORCA NT software in conjunction with standard COM-compatible programming language.

Product Features

ORCA NT Features:

  • Windows NT* based Graphical user interface features

  • Aesthetic look and productive arrangement
  • Folder view - displays a tree of folders for easy selection and organization
  • Floating toolbars - easy to customize workscreen and frequently used controls
  • Buttons - ease-of-use access for commonly used functions
  • Supports Easy Calibration function

More Info

System Control

The ORCA control software ORCA NT, runs on a PC under the Microsoft Windows NT operating environment. It provides an easy-to-use interface with broad capabilities for editing and debugging that allows quick programming of the arm for any task. Robot motions are taught by positioning the arm with a joystick teach pendant. Moves are demonstrated to the robot using the joystick, where each move is assigned an intuitive name.

ORCA NT software is easy to use

ORCA NT software is easy to use with any programming language that supports the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM). This allows a system engineer to use mainstream languages such as Visual BASIC, Delphi, and C++ for integrating an ORCA-based system. The ORCA System can also be controlled directly using SAMI® NT (Automated Method Development Interface). SAMI is an intuitive, graphically driven method editor that automatically produces required robot motions for a series of tasks - all without code-level programming.


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