mitsubishi movemaster robot rv-m2


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Mitsubishi RV-M2
Refurbished Mitsubishi five Robot, Robot consists of robotic arm, controller, teaching box, manuals, and cables.

Product Description :  

(Mitsubishi Movemaster RV-M2 (robot is in excellent working condition)
Robot system includes robot arm, teaching box, cables, manuals, controller, and motorized gripper hand, HM-01, please note that aluminum tooling plate pictured is not included.

The Mitsubishi RV-M2 with a full five degrees of freedom is completely user friendly with simple,trouble free programming and handling, maximum reliability due to the drive unit diagnostics functions.It has a lifting capacity of 2kg and has excellent speed and repeatability. Movemaster RV-M2 canperform virtually any task, from picking and moving components to complex manipulation sequences which can be programmed and controlled with the teach pendant as well as with a PC, a PLC orother process control system.

Movemaster represents a major improvement in performance over conventional industrial robots,boasting a maximum speed of 1500mm/sec and a position repeatability of +/-0.1mm.

The drive unit communicates with the movemaster RV-M2 via two cables. all interface ports and connections for peripheral equipment and process data and I/O are located on the rear panel. this unitis fitted with two standard (RS-232C and centronics) for connection to personal computers. An eprom programmer is integrated in the unit as standard equipment.


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