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Mitsubishi RV-E2
Refurbished Mitsubishi six Axis Robot, Robot consists of robotic arm, controller, teaching box, manuals, and cables.

The Mitsubishi RV-E2 (2 kg lifting capacity) robot is completely user friendly featuring self monitor and self diagnosis functions. It can be programmed with the teach pendant as well as with a PC which dramatically reduces debugging time. It has a lifting capacity of 2.0kg and has excellent resultant speed and repeatability.

Speed and High Precision Movemaster represents a major improvement in performance over conventional industrial robots, boasting a maximum resultant speed of 3500mm/sec and a position repeatability of +/-0.04mm.That means Movemastercan handle a wide range of real-world industrial applications.What's more, trajectory accuracy which is essential for jobs such as sealing, has been improved 2 to 3 times through the use of 32-bit microprocessor and a high-performance servo-amplifier.

Movemaster uses an absolute encoder, which eliminates the need to return to the origin when power is turned on.This also solves the problem of interface by peripheral devices during origin setting, and contact by the robot armhand attachment with the body of the robot. Thus, the robot can be used as soon as it is
turned on. In addition, Movemaster is equipped with a teaching box complete with LCD display. That means it can be operated not onlyby using programs input from a personal computer, but also by a means of a teaching playback method, allowing programs to be created at the work site.

This controller uses a 32-bit RISC CPU , with improved functions, performance and expandability.The robot language(MELFA-BASIC IV) supports a full set of commands that allow you to cope with advanced operations. Two kinds of robot languages, MELFA-BASIC IV and MoveMaster (MoveMaster Command), 
are included in thestandard configuration.

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